School enforced stricter measures to insure student safety

ChiChi Ude, Staff Writer

After the incidents that happened on November 5th,  Auburn high School enforced stricter safety measures for a few days in order to emphasize the need for student safety.

One of the measures that took place assured that all students and teachers understood the 10/10 rule. The 10/10 rule is a rule where students cannot leave the classroom for the first 10 minutes and last 10 minutes of class. The administrators made sure that all students and teachers understood the safety measures that were enforced.

Administrator Mr. Lee said “The main problem was that in the commons there were students who were not dispersing when they were told to.” Lee said that this “created a safety risk for everybody, and was not allowing the staff to do their jobs, and work with the kids that were having the issue.” 

Another safety measure is that we aren’t allowed to eat on the stairs anymore so that the administrators can see all students during lunch.

The last safety measure is that when schools out students have to be with a teacher by 2;50 or they have to be out of the building.