Preaching in front of schools

Katie Quick, Staff Writer

Before Thanksgiving break, there was someone preaching in front of the school. He had signs that said “Fear God” and “Jesus saves,” he was trying to convert people to Christianity; but was that an appropriate method? The answer to that question depends on how you look at things.

He did not break any rules, and is allowed to do everything that he did. Principal Gardner said, “People if they’re like demonstrating, or trying to show their agenda, as long as they stay on city property, the sidewalks, they have a right to be there.”

As long as they don’t disturb anyone, or interrupt the school day, they’re fine. When Mr. Gardner saw it happen here he went to listen to what they were saying to students. He added “They’re providing information, and some student’s walk right by it, and some students have a curiosity to learn more.”

As far as there methods go, to know if they’re successful you have to know what their goals are. Mr. Gardner said, “If their goals are to speak to a lot of people, I don’t think their methods are very effective, if their goals are to just talk to a few individuals here and there, then their methods probably work for them.”

He also said he doesn’t know what their goals are, “I don’t ask them, I just go out there to make sure they aren’t harassing our kids, and they haven’t been.”

Ultimately, as long as they are not harassing the students, and stay on the sidewalks, the sidewalk preacher doesn’t hurt anything. You can always choose to ignore them while they get information to people who want to know more.