Eating all the delicious food you can eat

Tyron Clemens, Staff

Thanksgiving is a time of stress and love; the stress comes with preparing the food and getting together for a good meal, even if you’re not talking at the time; eating is not the only thing you do. 

Thanksgiving’s importance is to bring joy to friends and family. When I think of thanksgiving I think of getting full and passing out from the food coma. Families and friends are a great time to get together and remember the good old days how easier it used to be. Getting up early and helping cut the vegetables and seasoning the food and cleaning the house to look good. The day after Thanksgiving is the hardest feeling like you’re in a food coma but also the best feeling that you ate all the delicious food you could eat.

 According to a student  Tre-von Hogan, “my favorite part was eating the pies it was it was good”.

Thanksgiving is made to have a good time on through the plate.