Choose Troy Time: An obstacle?

Arianne Garduno, Staff Member

On September of 2019, instead of going to their original Troy Time; students of Auburn High School were told to go to the classes they were failing. Students who weren’t failing any class were allowed to go to the class they wanted. At first this idea of students freely choosing the classes that they want to go to could be considered a risk.

Troy Time was made two years ago with the purpose of completing career cruising which is a requirement to pass Troy Time classes which give you half a credit. For students who are graduating in the year 2019 having full credit in most of their classes is needed. Will this purpose still be completed with the addition of CHOICE?

Last year the requirement to earn credits for Troy Time was to finish Career Cruising. When asked if they knew what Career Cruising was for, 56.5% of students said no. Last year students had about 207 days to complete their Career Cruising. With the addition of CHOICE, they now have about 82 days to complete it.

Most of the trouble that took place on the beginning of CHOICE. “The first four days were a little rocky because popular CHOICES filled up quickly and students had not picked back up CHOICES which caused some confusion and large groups of students in areas like the gym, library and commons,” said Assistant Principal Mrs. Jordison. Other problems were confusion with where students were supposed to go, and students who were wandering in the halls. To solve this problem staff members gave students that were wandering around a detention slip and told the students that were having trouble with a class to go were they were supposed to be. Today the problem seems to have been solved. 

With the addition of CHOICE students are now able to get the help they need in order to increase their grades in classes where they have difficulties. CHOICE is focused on helping students who are failing required classes for example language arts, math, or science.

“A student failing one of these is assigned to CORE as a way to get additional academic support, make up missing work, retake test, etc. It is CORE that is helping student who are attending and working with their teachers,” said Jordison.