School placed on modified lockdown to insure safety

Katie Quick, Staff member

The modified lockdown which occurred on October 5th was caused by three separate fights.

Assistant Principal Mr. Roger Lee said, “There was a modified lockdown due to several conflicts between students. We had three fights and a couple verbal altercations that didn’t get physical.

One of the main issues in the commons was that students were not dispersing when they were told to.”  Lee went on to point out that this “created a safety risk” for all of the staff and students and didn’t allow “the staff to do their jobs and work with the kids that were having the issues.”

The situation required the school to call for backup from the Auburn Police Station which responded quickly, and the school was placed in a modified lockdown.  The lockdown was needed to  “limit student movement.” said Lee, “because when students move in a situation like that things happen. So we wanted to restrict that for everybody’s safety.”

The administration met during that afternoon and decided what would be done for the following day.  It was decided to lift the modified lockdown, but place restrictions on student movement during class time.  Part of the restriction was a reminder to all teachers to follow the 10/10 Rule, which has been in place the last several years, requiring teachers to not allow any movement outside of the classroom during the first and last ten minutes of every class period.

Lee said that the “response by students has been amazing,” and wanted students to know that they “have done[their] job in helping us make this a safer place.”

Assistant Principal Mrs. Stacy Jordison agreed with Lee that the lack of student dispersal during the incident did not allow the administration to deal with the situation “effectively.”

 Mr. Lee also wanted to clear up several misconceptions about the incident.  There were no weapons involved and the police who were in the school were “regular police officers” who were a great help in resolving the situation.

Jordison added that, “safety is our top priority, and when crowds don’t disperse it makes it more difficult.” She added, ” in the future I would hope the students would disperse when asked. It takes all of us to make sure the school is safe, staff, students and administration.”