Gardner takes action to ban bandanas

Alec Acosta-Vega, Editor-In-Chief

Tuesday the 29th during fifth period, an announcement was made. Principal Jeff Gardner released a ban of clothing. Bandanas. Mr.Gardner decided to ban bandanas as a safety issue among students. Auburn High has had a dress code policy. This recent development is the first strict policy change that students cannot break.

After conducting an interview with Mr. Gardner, it was revealed that anything with the bandana design insignia, no matter what event or color; will be no longer permitted inside Auburn High’s borders. A review will be done at the end of the school year.

It was reported by Auburn’s Police Department that there was a trend in gang activity in the community. As a response, Auburn and it’s administration is taking the initiative to keep students and staff safe from any outside activity that could potentially be harmful. No such activity has been seen at the school, but Mr.Gardner and his team are doing everything they can to keep us safe.