Auburn school district takes good care of new teachers

Seleen Love, Staff

The new teachers came this fall to replace teachers who retired or had switched schools. This year AHS welcomed fifteen new teachers.

The teachers who are new this year teach subjects from Math, Jewelry, APEX-online coursework, ELL, TAP, Science, Language Arts, and History. They come from all different backgrounds and different stages in life, and had to go through a long process to be here.

Mrs. Pena a new science teacher said that the process of becoming a teacher can be “very difficult, there are many things you have to learn about the district and its policies”.

Every year new teachers have had struggles throughout their first years since it is a challenging adjustment. Students sometimes can be difficult since its a new teacher and they feel like they can walk over them. But this year many of our teachers said that they love teaching at Auburn High, and that the school has a great program to help them fit in. Mrs. Pena said that “like anything teaching gets easier with practice” 

The Auburn School District does many things to try and support our new teachers. They have monthly new teacher meetings to make sure they are doing well and feel supported. There are also multiple committees that people can join and get in touch with other teachers who can offer help. The Auburn School District also has a very welcoming community. Mrs. Harmon says “The Auburn School District has always been really strong in taking care of their first year teachers, I think they are better at it now then when I first started teaching.”

Throughout this the students and staff are very excited for our new staff and to see how much they grow and help our school become a better place.