Does closed campus benefit students?

Chichi Ude, Staff


     The closed campus at Auburn High stops students from leaving school throughout the day and making sure they are kept safe. Administrators try and work hard to keep students safe. In “ Should Our Teens Be Allowed to Have Open Campus Lunch”, administrators have a rule that, “ Students maintaining their GPA’s, attendance and good standing are allowed to leave the campus for one block during the day” but then the article explains that ‘having an open campus can be a bad idea because if a student goes off campus and an accident happens, then that would be the schools responsibility.”

Auburn High School currently has a closed campus due to school district policy. 

 Junior Tochi Ude said “I think that having a closed campus can have some positive and negative sides to it on the positive side students that drive can be able to go out and get the food that they want and be back on time, and the negatives is we may have some people that comes to school that don’t belong in the school since we already have people going in and out of the school all day long so that is my stand on it.”

Any changes to the campus lunch policy would have to be made by the school board.