Career Cruising is a useful tool for all students

Katie Quick, Staff Member

With deadlines approaching quickly, it is important that juniors and seniors know where they can go to get help with applications and where they can go to get financial aid. 

One of the opportunities that are available for the students of Auburn High is the achievers program. Ms. Tremaine said, “Students are readily available to ask questions about their post 2nd plans. It sets itself apart because it’s like you’re joining a family and we’ll be there for you through all parts of your life, you join for life. We keep students and families updated on the changes in college culture and in the professional world.” 

Mukamo Bakari, one of the students who is a part of the achievers program said, “It motivates me more because if I wasn’t in it I would slack. When we go on college visits I get to meet them.”

There is also Career Cruising that helps students get prepared, and make sure they are on track to graduate on time. Mr Morrow said, “We’ve always had Career Cruising as a tool in the Career Center, about 5 or 6 years ago a decision was made at the district to transition from a paper based high school and beyond plan to one that is solely online. Career Cruising proved that it could succeed in that role in our high school.”

When asked why students needed to use it he responded, “Because it’s necessary for students to know not only a little about themselves, for example you might not know what you want to do after high school, Career Cruising gives you information about that, and specific information about careers.”

Mr. Morrow also helps outside of Career Cruising. He stated, “First of all I am the college and career counselor . I am here to serve the needs in those two areas so that they can be ready for the real world. High school is not the real world.” He also added, “I help in any way that I can. This includes one-on-one conversations and assistance. It also includes visits to classrooms to provide valuable information, meetings with parents during and after school, and application completion support provided during district sponsored evening events.”

When asked about applying, Ms. Tremaine advised, “Do your research on the colleges that are going to be best fit for you academically, financially, and that have fun things you want to do. Prioritize them on the best fit for you personally.” She also added, “I think students should start researching by the end of sophomore year into their junior year, and the application process starts late August into their senior year.”