Auburn 2019’s Homecoming Assembly


Alan Martinez and Alec Acosta-Vega, Co-Editors

Friday’s Auburn Homecoming Assembly was an event with many surprises including the return of the Trojan Mascot. Auburn’s ASB also introduced “Spirit Studs”: two students from each grade who showed the most spirit throughout the homecoming spirit week. 


Also part of the “stud” group were two teachers who also displayed spirit over the past week. ASB and leadership put a lot of effort and time throughout the week coming up with ideas for the assembly and the spirit week and making spirit posters to help set the homecoming festivities.


Our spirit ambassador Devon Garner brought forth the school’s new spirit stick. The current holders of the spirit stick are seniors as the spirit stick is given to the most spirited class. 


Traditionally, each homecoming royalty is announced at the assembly. For our freshman class, Cassidy Brenegan and Easton Rutledge. Representing the Sophomore class: Phoebe Campbell and Alexis Mendoza. For the Juniors: Keilani Martin and Connor Howat. The Senior Prince and princess were Jasmin Ochoa and Prince Treivon Daniels. Our SLC kids got to be a part of it and were given the title Duke and Duchess. Linette Norman and Muhannad al-Jhayish were awarded the titles. And our Homecoming King and Queen: Devon Garner and Queen Jacklyn Smith. 


The AHS student body was very busy preparing for the tailgate and the camo spirit football game against Kentridge. 


Both teams played well, but Auburn came out on top with a final score of 28-14, making it our second won game this season.