John Wick 3 Review

John Wick 3 Review

Zane Caplan, Newspaper Staff

On May 17th, 2019, director Chad Stahelski brought us the highly-anticipated action-thriller film John Wick 3. The third installment in the franchise occurs directly after the events in the second film, picking up with Protagonist John Wick (played by Keanu Reeves) anxiously trying to outrun the start timer for a $14 million bounty put on his head. Wick must find allies and use whatever is at his disposal to survive the crowd of hit men and women looking to take him down.

Why is this bounty created? Well, Mr. Wick broke High Table rules by killing a member of the International Assassin’s Guild, which is an organization that was formally introduced in the second movie. Of course, taking him down is no easy task; John Wick is a skilled assassin himself and carries “The Boogeyman” nickname. His fighting expertise is unmatched and the brilliant choreography throughout the film shows that accurately. Many of Wick’s best combat scenes are in this third film.

As the story goes on, Wick ends up in some unexpected places looking for assistance from old friends and allies. Sofia (played by Halle Berry) is one of those individuals he locates, who kindly says hello with a gunshot to his bullet-proof suit. Here we are also introduced to her two growling dogs, who perform fabulously and share a big role in later scenes. Sofia’s character steals the show during those moments alongside John and my only complaint is that she receives limited screen-time.

Watching the two previous movies might make the watching experience easier since the story has developed greatly. The International Assassin’s Guild is fairly interesting but could be seen as unrealistic to some viewers. Acting performances by side characters are well done for the most part and those individuals definitely help carry on the plot. In reality though, Keanu Reeves’ character and his unforgettable action scenes are the main reason why people continue to watch this amazingly consistent franchise.  

The stakes are certainly felt throughout and it will surely keep movie-watchers engaged. The final act was tremendous and super memorable (shoutout to the director and design team for how they created those last scenes). It must also be mentioned that there are humorous moments sprinkled across the two hour runtime, so expect to have a good laugh or at least smile. All in all, John Wick 3 honestly blew me away, which is why I give it 9/10 stars.