A Freshman’s View of their High School Experience


Abby Chambers, Staff

With this being my first year at Auburn High School I have learned to adapt to the difference in workload and social environment. I have had a challenging but amazing school year that has taught me many important things.

The school year was very stressful because I took all advanced classes and did two sports at school and one club sport. I had to learn how to manage my time to keep my grades up and also improve in all ways. I would say the hardest part of the year would be finals because I was given about five different projects or tests I had to do. The preparation for these took a lot of time and concentration.

I learned some social skills through all the presentations I had to do in classes like DECA, Next Generation Science, and Language Arts. I have become more comfortable talking in front of groups of people and people I do not know.

The highlight of this school year was when I got the coach’s award for volleyball. It was an honor to get and I am glad that my coach believed in me. 

I have enjoyed my time in newspaper and hope to join again when my schedule allows it. It has been an interesting class with many nice people. I have learned some things about writing and have improved.

This school year was different then what I have experienced in the past. It feels like I’ve barely been at this school but so much has happened in the last year that I could never forget the great memories that I have now. This school year by far has been my favorite out of them all because I have met so many amazing people and have had an amazing time here at AHS. I can not wait till next year and to make many more amazing memories here.