Don’t be afraid of the Dark


Rosalyn Lopez, Staff Member


In the film “Us”, directed by Jordan Peele, there is a lot that happens. There’s many twists and hidden messages in the movie that make you want to rewatch it so that you can connect all the dots. This thrilling mystery movie begins with young Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o) finding herself in the mirror room at a carnival in Santa Cruz, when she sees something that shocks her. Years later, she is haunted by that same thing when she comes back to Santa Cruz for a vacation with her family. On their first night into this family vacation, Adelaide’s family seems to have a mirror doppleganger that is a twisted version of themselves. The dopplegangers had a plan to take over the world and live their own life on earth. This movie is captivating and mysterious, keeping the audience on their toes, with hidden messages that tell about the issues that happen to this day. There are many moments where the odds are against Adelaide and her family, but they begin to notice that the mirror version of themselves think and look just as they do. The youngest seems to notice that when he outsmarts his doppleganger and successfully get rid of him. With all the twists and turns in this movie there is no time to even stop in the restroom, you would just miss so much of the movie. This movie is highly recommended according to rotten tomatoes where it stands at 94%, and personally I would highly recommend watching it, maybe even twice.