Disneyland Choir Trip


Melina Ramos, Stafmember


Every year Auburn High Show choir students take a trip to California and perform in the happiest place on earth: Disneyland.

    When I asked Dafne Romo, a Junior in show choir what her experience was like, she responded with “ the experience I had at Disney was so much fun”.

  Romo’s favorite thing she did while being there was “ before the  California Adventures would be riding Guardians of the Galaxy a Billion times!”

      When asked Romo if  she would recommend students that go to AHS to join show choir and why she responded saying “ I would totally recommend everyone to try out for show choir! You make amazing memories with one another and obviously you get to performed at Disney”.

     Dafne decided to join show choir because she loves singing and dancing and show choir made it look much more fun. The most Memorable moment Dafne had on her trip was,” has to be recording a Disney song and playing it along with a scene from the movie the Princess and the Frog”.