Extinction of life on earth is a definite possibility


Zane Caplan, Newspaper Staff

Life on Earth as we know it, is facing an extremely troubling future due to human decision-making.

According to a recent United Nations report, “around 1 million animal and plant species are now threatened with extinction, many within decades, more than ever before in human history.”

With these alarming numbers being published, why are there still so many ignoring what stands before mankind? In a Seattle Times article, Alejandro Grajal (President and CEO of Woodland Park Zoo) and Robert W. Davidson (President and CEO of the Seattle Aquarium) said “it is hard not to feel overwhelmed and even paralyzed by what seems to be a global disaster that none of us can avert.” Additionally, our president and many other leaders around the world simply believe that these scientific findings are a hoax.

On HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”, Legendary Scientist “Bill Nye the Science Guy” set a globe on fire to display climate change while explicitly (using a few f-bombs) attacking those who oppose action to save our planet. Nye’s explosive rhetoric definitely caught the attention of Twitter users and longtime fans, but his true target audience is lawmakers and world leaders. He combats them directly by letting them know that “nothing’s free, you idiots.”

Huge amounts of money going to this cause seems outrageous to some individuals, but life’s future depends on us acting now. The heavy increase in carbon dioxide and many other greenhouse gases in the air from the recent century of human development are proving to be costly to the environment. While not being as profitable in most cases at the moment, cleaner energy and activities need to become the norm before it is too late.

As habitats and ecosystems continue downward, life only faces more challenges in living on. Disruptions in food chains could cause severe damage to biodiversity within ecosystems all around the world. Humans also need a healthy planet with substantial wildlife and other natural resources to enjoy a secure lifetime.

Fortunately, Governor Jay Inslee of Washington State has recently been taking an enormous stand on the issues regarding Earth. Governor Inslee even believes that climate change is a “true national emergency.”

Possibly, a proposed “Green New Deal” or something along those lines is necessary to take down the effects of climate change and save endangered life. I encourage all to research information about what a “Green New Deal” would do exactly for our planet. All national leaders and lawmakers need to understand the urgency of this daunting situation, which of course, may only be possible if the general public applies pressure.