Staff upholds 17-1 record in annual basketball game against students


Photos by Isaiah Hoagland, Staff Photographer

There was no better way to end the month of May then with the annual student/staff basketball game.  The game was played during 6th period to a full gym of students and staff, the staff won the game 51-48. During the last 18 years the record is Staff 17, Students 1.

The students won by one point last year in the annual game.

Basketball coach Ryan Hansen said that the “game is fun to participate in because it gives the students an opportunity to see a lot of staff in a different element.”  The students enjoy seeing their teachers in a non-classroom setting, added Hansen.  “The game is good for the school culture and spirit,” Hansen mentioned, but noted that the only problem is that “the staff gets older every year and the students stay the same age.”

Photographs by Isaiah Hoagland.