Shooting in Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Kassie Elliott, Newspaper Staff

School shootings have been a major topic lately with how many of them have been occurring. It is an act some people are performing when they want to get back at someone or something. The most recent one happened in Colorado with only a week separating it from the one before.

In early May, one student was killed and eight were injured in Highlands Ranch, Colorado during a shooting. This devastating event occurred exactly one week after a gunman killed two students and wounded four at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte. Kendrick Castillo was brave enough to charge the gunman that burst into the STEM classroom.

“He doesn’t even realize how many lives he saved by stopping a school shooting,” said Grant Whitus, the owner of Boss High Level Protection.

Rachel Short, president of the company Baccara, also said, “To find he went down as a hero, I’m not surprised. That’s exactly who Kendrick was.”

Two other students, including Brendan Bialy, also charged the shooter along with Kendrick. They managed to subdue him while Bialy wrestled the gun from the shooter. An armed security guard ended up capturing the second shooter in the other location.

“They completely and utterly failed in a matter of half a minute,” Bialy said when talking about the shooters.

One of the two gunmen was eighteen-year-old Devin Erickson. The second was identified as Maya McKinney, 16, who goes by the name Alec and uses male pronouns. It is unknown how they obtained the guns because it is illegal for anyone under 21 to own a handgun.

Ms. Giasolli, the STEM teacher, mentioned that the class was now bonded by grief and shock. “We’re all shaken,” she said. “It happened right before our eyes. It happened right in our classroom. We’re all hurting. We all did know these kids. We did know the shooter. We did know the people who got hurt. We’re all hurting in our own ways.”

In the end, both attackers were caught and a lot more deaths were prevented thanks to Kendrick and the rest of the people who charged the gunmen.

(Source, Seattle Times),