AP Tests challenge students

Abby Chambers, Staff

At Auburn High School, there are a variety of AP courses available for students to take. Whether the student prefers Language Arts, Math, History, Science, or more than one, AHS offers an AP class for it.

An AP course is a higher level class in High School that you can receive college credit for. However, with AP it is not just the grade in the class that matters to get the credit, it is the AP college board test.

When asked what they would recommend to do in preparation for the AP test, student Selah Gerstner answered, “Practice test, because it’s a big thing. You can go on College Board and look at what they are looking for, and how they want it.” Gerstner is talking about how on the College Board website, there are links to practice test students can take and study before going into the test. This is one thing that a student can do when preparing for the AP exam.

Another student prepared in a different way. Sophia Vo said, “I studied over the materials I learned in class and read through the textbook.” There are many different resources that are provided by the teacher or can be found online. There are resources that fit all different types of preferences. Whether it’s going on youtube and looking up videos, taking a practice test, or studying from the textbook.

Also when talking to Gerstner, she stated, “During it was kind of hard and stressful but after I was like if I pass I pass.” 

The AP test can be stressful to many students from all different subjects. It is important to just remember to take a breather and stay calm. The test is stressful because it is not an easy one but taking the time to study and practice with make it easier and less stressful on the test taker.

When asked whether she would recommend taking the test, Vo stated, “Yes, it gives students opportunity to earn college credit.” She recommended this because of these benefits, “You can earn college credit and you get to experience how test like that go.”

From all this, it can be concluded that the AP test can be hard but is not impossible. It is a way for High School students to earn some college credit and improve their future. Just study hard and keep a calm mind throughout the test.