Auburn High School Graduates

Nayeli Espinoza, Staff Member

As the school year approaches to an end, the senior class of 2019 is close to their graduation day. The biggest day they have all been waiting for. They will now be set to start a new stage in their life.

“I can’t believe it’s already here, it came so fast”, Senior Calvin Liulamaga said when asked how he feels about graduating and for Senior Julissa Garcia she said, “I’m excited because I’ll be the first in my family to graduate and attend college”.

Throughout high school we all have to overcome certain challenges or struggles, “grades and attendance for me was something I had a hard time with” said Garcia. For Liulamaga, his biggest struggle was “staying focused with all the distractions around me such as peer pressure with things that could throw me off task”.  He added “and the best memory I have is my senior year of football”.

For Garcia, she said her all-time favorite memory of high school is  “being in Troy Crew all senior year”. She really enjoyed being able to help new upcoming freshman and coming up with new ideas for her troy crew class. Parents and family are what kept both Liulamaga and Garcia motivated throughout all 4 years of high schools. They both said they are going to “miss high school but they are glad they finally finished with this part of their life”.