Troy Time meant changing from three to two lunches

Kassie Elliott, Newspaper Staff

According to the counselors, there are 1,664 students who attend Auburn High School.

That means there are 832 students at each lunch.

“More time in lines and it’s too crowded” said Dusty Tessman when asked what she thought of the change from three lunches to two lunches this school year.

More students at each lunch means more time waiting in lines and maybe not enough time to eat. There also is not be enough room to eat in the commons. Some students end up eating in classrooms, at the tables by the side stairs, or at the tables on the third floor. 

“This year we’ve added Troy Time” said Principal Mr. Jeff Gardner. Troy Time is an extra class to make sure students are getting the right amount of credits to be able to graduate. Mr. Gardner also stated that “The line size isn’t as bad as we thought it would be” which is surprising to me, considering the amount of people at each lunch.

With all of this, I believe the change to two lunches to incorporate Troy Time is a smart move besides the fact about how crowded it is at each lunch.