Siblings find positive and negative results at school

Abby Chambers, Staff

When asked if they liked having a sibling at school, freshman Sarah Rutikanga, answered, “Yeah because it’s fun when they know the same people and you can all hang out together.” 

Many students at AHS have a sibling(s) at school and the question is, Does having a sibling at school with you affect how your year goes?

There are many positive things that come from having a sibling at school but equally as many negatives.

“One good thing is the teachers know me and I have a good reputation and a con is her friends tease me,” said freshman Diana Kryshchuck. 

Just from one student we can see that having an older sibling at school there is a reputation a student can get at school.  This reputation can have a major impact on how the teachers at AHS see them. 

Junior Rebecca Chambers, responded to the same question, “A pro for having siblings is that you always have someone to talk to.  A con is that there can be competition when it comes to classes or sports.”

This quote shows some classic sibling rivalry can come out when going to the same school as your sibling but also that there is someone there to listen and understand since they know the school’s environment.

All these things can change how you see your school year.

What about all the connections an older sibling has made?  Does the younger sibling get the same ones automatically? 

When asked if sibling going to the same school helped with making connections, Kryshchuck, responded, “Yes because the older kids that my sister is friends with know me and speak to me in the halls.” 

There are connections siblings are able to make through having a sibling at school.  Whether the person has a younger or older sibling at school, they can still make those connections with the people that they hangout with, which can then affect who they talk to and the interactions they can have.

Having a sibling at school can greatly affect how a student’s year goes.  Whether they look at it positively or not depends on how the siblings interact and get along.  No matter if they like each other though, having them at school together does change how their high school year or career goes.