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Crowd helps Trojans surge over the Lions in Homecoming Game

Kyle Kilemente, Staff

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Here they come as the sound of their feet coming down on the field, as the crowd from both sides  raging on to cheer on their team players. Both side coaches talking to their teams working them hard and pushing them to their limits.The battle between the two sides got both sides up, as the crowd goes wild as they cheer on their players every time they score or make a 1st down. Here’s a better look for how things went down last month.

Talking about that night,  Junior Alejandro Contreras said, “  if there wasn’t any teamwork and effort between not just one but all of us, so there wouldn’t have been any victory {tonight} for our homecoming game”. 

Coach Bryce Davis said,“we fail more than once, and that’s why we succeed” on last month’s homecoming game win.

Davis, pictured above, said that ’’ as a couch it is important for me to have to trust in my team and their abilities as I set them, and prepare them for the field.’’ The work begins before the game at practice “because it helps my team prepare for whatever struggles they don’t know they’ll have to face in later games.”

Junior Alejandro Contreras, “is a hard worker on the field as well as like in the classroom” said Coach Davis.

All photos by Kyle Kilamente

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Crowd helps Trojans surge over the Lions in Homecoming Game