Troy Time is introduced to students and staff

Elizabeth Kustyukov, Staff Writer

AHS introduced TROY Time to students and staff in the beginning of the school year. TROY Time is a 30-minute, homeroom-like period during the day. At this time, students can seek teacher support, set goals and learn more about the High School and Beyond Plan.

This intervention period is also a response to the ASD CORE 24 credit requirements for all graduating classes beginning with the class of  2021. Students receive .25 credits per semester for completing the High School and Beyond Plan, which is also a graduation requirement. A student can earn up to two credits over their four years by completing Career Cruising during TROY Time.

TROY Time is also an opportunity for off-track seniors to work on credit recovery in APEX classes. If any student has less than a 60 percent grade in math, science, language arts, or social studies, they will be sent to that class for academic support. Drama teacher, Mr. Cox said, “The school started TROY Time to help struggling kids, and help successful students succeed.”

Students are assigned to that class during TROY Time until they have a 70 percent or higher. Language arts teacher Ms. Marshall said, “I like TROY time because it gives kids a chance to work, and I get to know them better. I also like that it focuses on the future.” All students are expected to go to their assigned TROY Time for attendance, then they can go to the academic support classes if needed.