Gaming updates for gamers

Alec Acosta-Vega, Staff Writer

One of the main hobbies that most people have are playing video games. According to ABC News, “97 percent of young people who responded to the survey said they play video games. Ninety percent are men and ninety four are women “. Seven percent of those who were surveyed didn’t have a computer at home, but did have a game console such as Sony’s Playstation, Microsoft’s Xbox, or Nintendo Wii. Some of the popular computer games are “World of Warcraft”, “Minecraft”, “League of Legends”, “Dota 2”, “ Counter Strike-Global Defense”, “Diablo”, “Smite”, “Battlefield 4”, “World of Tanks”, and “Hearthstone”.


Sophomore Xander Norman said, “One of the things I like about games is being able to talk to other players and the community, and I also enjoy how they interpret the story.“ A lot of gamers prefer playing on the pc.


Freshman Zach Crain prefers pc because “You can do much better things like Google.” Another student who plays on the pc had something to add about the subject. Freshman Kenneth Morse quoted “ steam and you’re able to modify game files “. He also added “ you can’t be creative “.


Some gamers prefer consoles. Senior Daniel Nuila quoted “It was made for gaming. Pc’s are not meant for video games.” Sophomore Marshall Winters said, “I enjoy playing X-box one.” Kenneth Morse added “When I do play console games, I mainly play rpg.” RPG stands for role-playing game.


There is a good thing from playing video games. In Renton, there is a college called Digipen Institute of Technology, a four year college where you can earn a degree in video game programming, game design, animation, computer science, sound design, and computer engineering. This college is where students can learn how to make video games, and animate characters.


Alex, a staff member at Digipen, he said “a really good thing is that we can teach how to apply computer science, art and music to video games “when asked the good things about Digipen. When asked how many students attended Digipen Institute of Technology, he said “11 hundred on campus right here in Redmond, and we have two other campuses in Spain, and in Singapore.” Digipen is a four year private college. Alex also said “Yes it is true that students who graduate typically go work for gaming companies like Nintendo, blizzard, Space X, bungee, and Valve, students also have a good job placement depending on the degree they earn. Some of the other major companies are Google, Amazon, Disney and Microsoft. At least 25 of our graduates worked on Halo 5.