I am from Africa

Luley Adan

A continent that is filled with beauty and hope

Ashes of the kindle that was left burning

Hot morning suns to the dry nights

Spoiled crops to the oily foods

The result mixture of love and hate

Underground water holes

The don’t knows and the unknowns

Yet to be discovered mystery

barefoot walks

Long never ending connected rivers

Lost in trust with the government

Runways from old lands to the new lands for safety

Sleepless nights and nightmares of the shooter

Overfilled stomach to the growling ones

Old gates of friendship and wealth

Sewing needles in shades

Milked cows by dawn

Dirty waters


A place that was once named “Golden”

A place my ancestors fought to have built

A place that was once called half London because of its tall buildings and beauty

A place that’s unforgettable

The real Africa that isn’t shown in TV

Hidden beneath veneer of poverty, hunger, and death