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Drugstore vs. High-end makeup

Crystal Aguilera, Staff Reporter

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Is drugstore makeup all that different from high-end makeup? Sometimes, high-end makeup can be worth the big price, but at times drugstore products can end up being better in quality. Most of the time, the reason high-end makeup costs more is because of better and exclusive packaging.

Sophomore Hailie Fiztpatrick prefers name brand make-up because it “applies easier” than drugstore products.  Fitzpatrick estimates that she spends about $200 on her makeup from Sephora each month.  Sephora is a high end form of make-up with its own chain of stores.

Another student, Isierra Brandon prefers the MAC brand makeup. MAC is also considered more high range cosmetic products . On average Brandon  estimates she spends $95 a month on Amazon for her makeup.  The most common form of makeup used by female students are foundation, face powder, contour, bronzer, and highlight.  The average time to put on make-up each day is about 40 minutes.

Senior Averi Souvannavanh-Chhang likes both mass produced make-up as well as the more expensive brands, but “mostly drugstore because it’s inexpensive”. On average she spends $100 a month on cosmetics.  During a casual walk on Friday the 13th around the 100 hall, it appeared that the majority of female students do not use make-up before coming to school, in two classrooms containing ten females, only one was wearing make up.


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Drugstore vs. High-end makeup