Coping With Stress

Maria Calvo, Staff Reporter

Everyone experiences stress at times: teenagers, adults and even kids. Many things can cause stress, whether it’s school, work or just home problems according to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Some stress is good, for example, in accomplishing a goal. Anything that causes stress is called a stressor. The key is not getting over stressed but learning how to cope with this stress. Many people don’t do anything to cope with stress but wait for it to go away. There are also people who have certain ways or strategies to cope with this stress.


Sophomore Viridiana Rodriguez said; “I got so stressed due to my grades after coming back from Mexico”. Rodriguez explained that she left for Mexico due to a family emergency. When she returned she found a decrease in grades. “I was so stressed with how much I had to do to get my grades up, I was constantly stressed but I found myself eating junk food and using Netflix as a way to cope with everything” said Rodriguez. Every person has certain ways to lower their stress, some ways may be unhealthier than others.


Experiencing stress is an everyday occurrence for many. According to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry there are certain strategies to cope with stress like: eating regularly, avoiding caffeine as much as possible, developing relaxing activities, etc. Becoming overwhelmed with stress without the right treatment can lead to anxiety in the long run. Coping with stress the right way can lead a person to a healthy life.


According to the Stress Management Society, there are many things that can cause stress, like work places. “Being active and tackling the issue of stress in the workplace before it affects a company is the best way to safeguard against it.” There is a difference between regular pressure and stress. Pressure itself does no harm, many people work better when pressure is put on them. However, stress can affect many from time in time the way people cope with it is what makes it healthy or unhealthy.