School spirit soars during special week

Maria Calvo, News Reporter

Auburn High School, like any other high school, has spirit weeks. This has been a tradition at Auburn High, but how much students are doing to keep this tradition can be contested. Over the years, Spirit Week is just not a thing anymore. Many students don’t participate in this event. During Spirit Week every teacher is asked to count how many students have participated throughout the week during their sixth period. Many students have even made themselves part of the Spirit Squad to try to get more people to participate during Spirit Week. During our pep assemblies, the Spirit Squad gives the Spirit Stick to the winning grade with the most spirit.


Senior Titus Ross, a member of the Spirit Squad explained the importance of having school spirit. “The purpose of the Spirit Squad is to restore spirit in Auburn High.” The Spirit Squad has a goal to have the most people participate by promoting games and trying to get everyone to participate during spirit week. “We want to have a better high school experience and have everyone participate,” said Ross. The Spirit Squad began last year and their goal continues to be increasing student participation in activities and events.


Sophomore Cesar Sandoval does not participate during Spirit Week because, “I really just don’t feel like I should since no one else participates in it.” According to many of the seniors, freshman year was their most spirited, and over the course of the years they stopped participating over the lack of effort from others. Many have been trying to bring spirit back to Auburn High School which is where the spirit squad comes in.


Junior Emy Angelic Soriano hoped that everyone’s New Year’s resolution included that “We should all participate more and make 2016 one with the most spirit, Auburn High School has ever seen”. She also believes that if the upperclassmen participate more, then they will influence more incoming freshman to participate.


Sophomore Katie Thomas thinks Spirit Week is not the same anymore, “I used to love spirit week when I was younger! Nowadays no one even makes an effort to try so I stopped trying.” Whether or not someone tries, makes a big difference on how much spirit is shown.





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