Black Friday and Cyber Monday continue to be blockbuster days for bargains

Maria Calvo, Staff Writer

The day after thanksgiving is known as black Friday, where many consider the holiday shopping begins. This day along with cyber Monday have been around for the past decade and has been increasing popularity ever since. Black friday is not a holiday, although many schools and jobs give the day off. Many retail stores consider black Friday their biggest business day, the hours continue to expand and the crowds show no sign of decreasing. The chaos of black Friday continues to grow along with the stores bringing in irresistible deals to attract merchants every year. Not everybody is a fan of waiting outside for hours to get the best deals, many people rather do online shopping without all the black Friday chaos on cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is a day in which many stores like amazon and other retailers have their best deals online.

Junior Ludia Kim would rather black Friday shopping then cyber Monday because “Cyber monday has good deals but you have to pay shipping and wait to get your items, while black Friday you go and choose what you want”. Black Friday continues to beat many online stores with sales starting as early as thanksgiving day. Going up to 57% of more people doing Black Friday shopping then Cyber Monday according to Holiday Headquarters. Many retail stores start advertising their sales the Monday of thanksgiving week, while other stores advertise a day or two before black Friday to get merchants to buy their products.

Sophomore Kely Euan excitedly said “Cyber Monday is the best time of the year! I get everything I need for the holidays without the black Friday chaos everything done from home”. In 2005, Cyber Monday was created for those merchants who could not find what they wanted in stores or didn’t want the chaos of black Friday. Cyber Monday has become the most popular online shopping day. According to the total amount of money spent for 2014 cyber Monday was $2.68 billion, growing every year. According to Palm Beach blog the lower unemployment and the drop of gas prices is expected to boost the holiday retail sales by 4.1% on Black Friday.

According to Accounting Degree black friday sales are growing every year letting it be the best sales day all year. In 2013 $59.1 billion was spent over the four-day weekend after Thanksgiving. For the past decade the weekend after Thanksgiving has been the kick off to holiday shopping. There was 23% of retail shoppers who camped outside stores to be the first to get the best deals according to Statistic Brain. According to approximately 5.1 million Canadians crossed the US border to take advantage of Black Friday shopping deals. The average money spent per person on black Friday is $407.23 making this day the busiest day for many retail stores. Black Friday and Cyber Monday continue to grow popularity since the past decade.