Forty years later, son follows dad as exchange student to Auburn

Forty years later, son follows dad as exchange student to Auburn

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Many educators and students who study abroad within a foreign country claim it has numerous benefits. Studying abroad is the act of a student pursuing educational opportunities in another country different than one’s own by staying and studying there for period of time. An exchange student attending Auburn High School can gain new life experiences such as seeing various parts of the world they would’ve never seen before. “In addition, a student can begin to improve upon new language skills, learn how to adapt to new cultures with career opportunities arising in turn from such knowledge, and can profit academically”, according to International Student.

In the 2012-2013 school year, 289,408 U.S students studied abroad for academic credit, the amount growing by two percent each year according to Open Doors 2014 infographic. Also found on the same site, “ 53% of U.S students studied in Europe” as oppose to other countries in the school year of 2012-2013. The most popular destinations within Europe were the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain, the UK raking in “13% of U.S students”. Additionally, there are as many foreign students who want to study in the U.S as there are American students wanting to study abroad. The rate of students coming to study in the U.S has steadily grown . As shown on, there are numerous programs that allow students to travel and learn. Some programs allow students to study abroad for academic purposes only, while others allow students to volunteer through charitable work. Other programs allow students to intensively study a new language. Many websites allow students to search by both country and or academic subject when searching for a program for an overseas program. One site that allows a student to search this way is  Programs are also distinguishable by  type such as summerly, academic year/ semester, internship, volunteer, intersession, and online or gap year. Numerous programs also offer scholarships for financially challenged students with scholarships ranging from merit-specific (academic achievement or ability), student-specific, destination-specific, program-specific or subject specific.  A student can find these scholarships listed on Studying Abroad.

Auburn High School has an exchange student studying abroad here in the U.S. Leon Doose, a junior at Auburn High School, originally comes from Munich, Germany. He’s living and attending school here in Auburn, Washington for one year.  Doose stated, “I like it here. Everything is different”. He elaborated by saying, “school here is kinda hard. It’s the same schedule every day. In Germany, it’s different everyday” .

“My dad was an exchange student forty years ago”, Doose gave as his reason for studying abroad. “My host dad now was his host brother, Walter Henry”. Doose is currently boarding with the Henrys’. Mrs. Katie Henry is a ninth grade health, leadership, advanced leadership (Troy Crew), and swim conditioning teacher and head coach of the girls swim team at Auburn High School. Her daughter is also enrolled as an Auburn High School student.  In addition to his father’s former exchange student status, Doose adds that other reasons for coming to stay here in Auburn, Washington were: “My biggest wish was to come to America for one year and I’m a big fan of the Seattle Seahawks”.

There are many beneficial aspects of studying abroad as stated by many sites, educators and demonstrated by students such as Leon Doose and many opportunities to do so which are found on such sites as Studying Abroad.