Students get a running start on life after high school

Ryan Ducolon, Contributor



Running Start is a program in Washington which enables students in grades 11 and 12 to earn both college credits and high school credits at nearby colleges. At Auburn High School, Running Start permits students to attend classes at Green River College or Highline College to earn credits, satisfying requirements for both high school graduation and an Associate’s degree.

According to the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, families with students enrolled in the Running Start program “do not pay tuition, but they do pay mandatory fees, buy their own books, and provide their own transportation”, with prices varying between classes.

Junior Grace Choe said her initial thoughts on Running Start were “it’s a good way to start classes, whether getting credits or wanting to experience college early”. Choe is taking two classes at Green River in the fall quarter, and six classes at AHS.

Sophomore Jack Russo is “excited to be in the Running Start program” next year. Russo said he was “prompted to enroll in the program” because he “wanted to get out of high school” as quickly as he could, as he does “not like High School”.

Sophomore Anna Petrik is “looking forward to being enrolled” in the program, as being enrolled in Running Start gives “more independence as a student, and a more challenging environment”. Petrik is also enrolling in the program “to work towards my future in a university by saving money in Community College”.

Petrik is expecting “more responsibility” in regards to “being accountable for myself and my school work”. Petrik has “begun to fill out the Running Start Student Agreement form and the Running Start Enrollment Verification form”.

The Running Start Program allows students to both get the “High School experience”, as well as further their education on the college