More students are unable to afford college

Emy Soriano

In the United States, college tuition costs more than other countries. With this expensive tuition, many students can’t extend their education beyond a high school diploma. According to Business Insider, “Even if they are accepted to their first choice college, more students than ever are unable to attend”. Some students don’t want to go to college because they can’t afford it or they just don’t want to rack up tens of thousands of dollars in debt. Students who really want to go to college use student loans. According to the College Board, a public two-year college(in-district students) costs $3,347 yearly, public four-year college(in-state students) cost $9,139 while a public four-year college for out-of-state students costs $22,958. Private four year college cost an average of  $31,231. The average cost of U.S. tuition is about $29,000 per year. Many European countries offer free community college.

Junior Grace Choe, is planning to go to college but still hasn’t decided which college she wants to go to. “UW and Harvard are still on my top list. I’m going to try apply for scholarships so my parents won’t be burdened to pay much”. She also said that tuition fees are expensive. There is financial aid and Choe hopes more assistance will be available in the future.

For students who borrow the current rate, according to Simple Tuition for undergraduate students is fixed at 4.29% for subsidized loans, 4.29% for unsubsidized loans, and 5.84% with unsubsidized loans for graduate students.

Senior student Jasmine Rickerson, said “I am still going to try to go to college since I heard that it’s important to go to college. I have a lot of big things that I want to do after high school”. While Rickerson thinks that college tuition is too high for most people, and she plans on going to college and making it work.

Junior Rosa Meza, is also planning to go to college, but to one where she can afford the tuition. She also said that tuition is “kinda expensive”.

College tuition rates have soared to 50%. Tuition increases had an insignificant impact on enrollment.