Thursday Night Lights

Students are now showing school pride and supporting Auburn High School’s Trojan’s football on Thursday nights. All home games for the rest of the football season will now be on Thursdays, Mrs. Henry explained, “We have to share the stadium with all three schools, Mountainview, Riverside, and Auburn. Every year the schedule flip-flops and one school has to have ¬†Thursday home games. It was our turn this year.”

This caused some issues for students involved in fall sports. Henry said, It’s frustrating for everydbody involved because we want kids to be there to support our school, and sometimes that is very difficult. That’s the way it has to be.”

Other athletes participating in sports during the fall season have events that take place on Thursday nights, Sophomore Stellsie Thackeray said, “I play golf, and it’s hard for me to make it to the football game on time or even at all because I have matches.”

Some students can’t stay out late on school nights and have responsibilities that keep them from making it to the game. Thackeray said, It makes me mad that I can’t be there for the whole game because I have other priorities after school. It would be easier if they were on Friday nights again.”

Henry said, “Next year we will have a lot more Friday home games, which is something to look forward to.”

Until then, Thursday night lights it is.