Amanda’s Photos


Amanda Pictures 002Photo By Amanda Pinard


Senior Amanda Pinard, a student who is enrolled in the Structured Learning Program (SLC program), has many daily jobs here at Auburn High School due to the SLC program, ranging from baking cookies for the DECA store, to helping in the nurse’s office.

One of Pinard’s jobs here at AHS is to take photos for school publications. Throughout the Homecoming spirit week at AHS, Pinard took pictures each day of students showing school spirit.

Pinard requires the use of a Dynavox, a form of assistive technology which helps her articulate sentences. The purpose of taking photos for journalism is not only to take the photos; with the main purpose being “to allow for Amanda to have opportunities to communicate with the school community,” said Kym Hales, the teacher in charge of the SLC program at AHS, as well as to “try and let Amanda communicate directly as opposed to being talked for” said Tina Severson, Amanda’s Paraeducator.

“If Amanda approaches you, please take a moment and wait for her to say hello, respond in kind, and wait for her to ask to take your picture. Remember to give Amanda a big smile” said Hales.


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