Auburn Way S Taco Bell Closed

Faith Palmer

In recent weeks, the Taco Bell on Auburn Way S was taken down to rebuild a new Taco Bell. For Trojan Senior Isaiah Hyatt who “would go” to Taco Bell “four times a week”, this is “sad”. A 2014/2015 poll on found that 70,180 people live in Auburn, there is only one Taco Bell up to feed all of those people, located on 15th ST SE. Isaiah Hyatt stated that he would go to Taco Bell and get his favorite item; the “Beef Quesarito”. Hyatt would get a ride from his friend Gavin Skaar to North Auburn to get his Taco Bell. The hiring manager at the Taco Bell on Auburn Way told employee Hyatt that the Taco Bell would be back up in approximately two months.